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Stretch Limo

OVERVIEW: Stretch Limo

PASSENGERS: 24-40 A Stretch Limo, also known as a party bus or luxury coach, is the epitome of opulent transportation, offering a unique and extravagant experience for groups of passengers. These spacious and lavishly equipped vehicles are designed to provide the utmost comfort, style, and entertainment, making them a popular choice for various events and special occasions.


Limo offered by Tampa Airport Transportation is one of the best luxury cars that can accommodate a group of people without any problem. Our service is equipped with the best features and will keep you entertained all through the trip. 

The entertainment and sound features are extraordinary and will allow you to listen to your favorite music. Our premium quality is styled with premium quality interiors. The vehicle has a seating capacity of around 48 people. The bus is suitable for a variety of events.

Inside, passengers can indulge in plush leather seating, state-of-the-art sound systems, LED lighting, mini-bars, and even dance floors. The open and social layout encourages interaction among passengers, making it an excellent choice for celebrations, bachelor/bachelorette parties, prom nights, weddings, and corporate events.

One of the key benefits of a Stretch Limo is its capacity to accommodate larger groups, allowing everyone to travel together and enjoy the luxury experience collectively. Professional chauffeurs ensure a smooth and safe ride, while privacy partitions and tinted windows add an exclusive touch to the journey.

For those seeking a memorable and extravagant transportation option that combines comfort, entertainment, and sophistication, this remains an unparalleled choice.